Introduction to my christian life

Hi I’m Jade i am a  christian, a goodish christian. I’m not gonna toot my own horn or anything but here is my list of christian good deeds:

  1. I pray! daily . define prayer….. I rant , apologize, cuss, complain, cry , PRAISE on a regular basis sometimes all at once…. depending on how much sleep I have had. 
  2. I read the bible( most days not KJV, not the message , not basic English and DEFINITELY NOT a children bible that somehow still baffles me but a lovely grown up guided book which relies on my laziness? dyslexia?? guilty conscience for not being able to read the bible like a normal person!! dedication to read through one day at a time
  3. I believe that Jesus died for me most days and i am going somewhere to heaven

And finally i spread the word of God I SOMETIMES throw the odd bible quote to my atheist/ agnostic friends but nevertheless i fail and they dont really care that much about what i say and, if its on take them to church events that if I had a choice or was a good enough christian to SPREAD THE WORD PROPERLY would never voluntarily go to but due to extreme guilt and their enjoyment I will take as many as  possible meaning ONE FRIEND SOOOOO YEAH A* CHRISTIAN. 

Needless to say im a work in progress…… I fail, I fall , I falter , I move forward, I try , I cry and I love God 🙂 you may be wondering why such an amazing lazy? sinful? somewhat judgy christian has decided to do a blog about it. Its because I have looked through many a christian blog and was shocked to find out I JADE ….. fail so much it isnt even funny anymore :/ I scoff at quotes, I dont watch christian films, I could be soo much better, I think bad thoughts, I sin and fail on epic levels but I try a lot and I aim to be the best i can be on a daily basis but there is no blog for people like me surprising right i mean what christian makes a blog ABOUT THEIR CURRENT FAILURES THEY ARE TOO BUSY SUCCEEDING!!!! AND BEING SOO PERFECT YOU ALMOST WANT TO GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR  so this is the blog for the failures , the ones that need guidance, the ones that argue, the ones who love to help people, who love to talk to God and who really want to not be alone in this spiritual journey. This is for you 🙂